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Managing Intellectual Property for Success

The international business community recognizes the ability to manage intellectual property as critical for commercial success. Doing so effectively, however, is often easier said than done. And finding partners to help can be difficult. Organizations that excel at managing their intellectual property are the least likely to share their knowledge, and those that do offer to help often have little or no trademarks of their own. Vegas, however, both understands the IP landscape from hands-on experience and makes its know-how available to it partners.

¹ $6,347,910,000 annual strip gaming revenue - Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Research Center. "2015 Las Vegas Year-To-Date Executive Summary", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT). 2015 · Cached .pdf (37KB) "Compiled and distributed by the LVCVA Research Center, the monthly LVCVA Executive Summary reflects tourism data from several agencies including the LVCA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT)." - Source: LVCVA Research Center. "LVCVA Executive Summary of Monthly Sourthern Nevada Tourism Indicators", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT) Retrieved November 15, 2016.

"Established in 1989, C-Byte has been on the leading edge of business critical computing, building information technology solutions that meet the toughest requirements of the world's most powerful and complex organizations." - Source: "Our Expertise - New Vegas Initiative - C-Byte™", Project: Vegas Brand, C-Byte Company, Inc., 2009 - "We incorporate that experience into Vegas by leveraging the expertise and best practices of our people."

"Vegas™ with over 250,000 users and thousands of rooms available every day! Vegas is a great vehicle for corporate visibility to entertainment companies." - Source: "Our Online Economy - Audience - Advertise - Events - Management - Vegas™", Project: Vegas Brand, Vegas License International LLC, 2014 - "Access from movie & music producers account for about 1% of total requests. Over 250,000 people currently subscribe to receive articles by electronic mail."

Copyright Permission Process

Making your request
Your request will be routed to the appropriate individual within Vegas for review. If you are uncertain about the meaning or legal implications of anything on this site, consult your attorney. Vegas will not be responsible for legal fees or any other expenses associated with your request.

After submitting your on-line request, you will immediately receive an electronic confirmation notice. A coordinator will review your request and submit it to the appropriate handling within Vegas. The review cycle can take up to 20 business days and will result in a final decision to approve or deny your request.

Upon completion of the review, you will be informed by e-mail of Vegas's decision. We will not provide any reasoning or background information for our decision. All decisions are final.

Permission is granted for one time usage only. No blanket permission is ever provided by Vegas. If you require the same copyrighted material for future editions of your project, you must request the materials again.

Submission Process

Making your submission
Please provide a complete and detailed description of your submission, including all attachments, using this web site. The submission and all attachments must be in English. Your proposal must address the business opportunity, your solution to the opportunity, what you are requesting from Vegas and the benefits that your proposal will accrue to Vegas.

If you are uncertain about the meaning or legal implications of anything in this document, consult your attorney. In addition, you should protect your rights before disclosing anything to Vegas. You understand that Vegas will not be responsible for legal fees or any other expenses associated with your submission. If you agree with the terms and conditions and still wish to provide your submission, please comply with all submission requirements. Remember to keep a record of all material submitted to us, including the Submission Agreement, which includes all terms and conditions governing your submission.

After submitting your proposal via the Web, you will immediately receive a Web confirmation screen. External submissions will review your submission and coordinate the evaluation of your proposal. The evaluation cycle can take up to 60 days and will result in a decision of interest or no interest. Evaluators considera a broad array of factors including Vegas developement efforts, future plans, and impact on our market and business models. Although each submission is appropriately considered, we pursue only a very small percentage of them. Most fall outside of Vegas's strategic interests. If we decide not to pursue your submission, although disappointing, please be assured it does not imply any criticism by Vegas.

Some submitters request meetings with us to discuss and demonstrate their submissions. We must receive your submission before we can consider a meeting. If our review indicates that further discussion in a meeting with you might be helpful, we will make arrangements at that time.

Vegas will not consider certain types of submissions which experience has shown would be impractical, if not impossible, to evaluate. For additional detail on these types see the FAQ section: Topics not considered.

Upon completion of the review, External submissions will inform you of Vegas's decision. We will not give the reasons for our decision or reveal similar Vegas activities. All decisions are final.

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