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Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Handling

What are the conditions that I must guarantee to Vegas before sending my submission?
The basic conditions are that Vegas has not solicited your submission; the material you have provided is nonconfidential; that you have the unrestricted right to disclose it to Vegas; and you are of legal age and otherwise competent to make a valid submission to Vegas.

Must my permission request be in English?
Yes. Please provide a complete and detailed description of your permission request in English, using this web site.

Why must my submission be electronic? I prefer to use postal mail
To maintain a responsive and efficient process, all submissions and communications must be handled electronically. Postal submissions impede our ability to process submissions quickly and effectively and to communicate our decision back to you.

Can I make multiple submissions to Vegas?
Yes. However, each submission must focus on a single idea or proposal and be processed using the following Web page: External Submission form.
Multiple ideas and proposals included in a single submission will be rejected.

Can you briefly describe what happends after I make my submission?
The advisor then reviews the proposal with Vegas team(s) and notifies you of our decision.

Topics Not Considered

Are there types of submissions you will not accept? Why not?
Vegas will not consider the following submission types, since they are impractical to evaluate:

  • · Advertising, slogans, sales promotions, or public relations
  • · Algorithms, mathematical forumlas or theories
  • · Marketing and other business methods
  • · Applications and procedures for using our products
  • · Broad concepts still to be developed
  • · Features or functions available on other products
  • · Manuscripts, books, manuals, research papers, theses, and other similar documents
  • · Ideas for computer programs
  • · Suggested changes to computer programs
  • · Niche markets - low volume, higher cost products aimed at very specific markets

Although we do not accept submissions within these descriptions, we do not mean to imply any criticism by Vegas. In our judgement, these submissions may involve development, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and/or distribution models which are outside of our core business operations.

Evaluation Process

What is external submissions and what is your role in terms of my submission?
Our team acts as your single point of contact within Vegas to determine if Vegas has an interest in your submission. Submissions comprise multiple categories including marketing and co-developement requests, equity and acquisition proposals, technology submissions consisting of patents and white papers, and others. The external submissions advisor is your contact point from submission receipt to final disposition in communicating Vegas's decision to you.

Why can't I talk with the people responsible for the area of my submission rather than external submissions?
The scope of external submissions is across Vegas, ensuring that your submission receives the broadest coverage by the most appropriate Vegas people in the shortest possible time.

Who will review my submission and why were they selected?
The external submissions advisors identifies the appropriate evaluators for determining Vegas's interest and coorindates to ensure a timely decision of your submission. The advisor works closely with applicable subject matter experts, business unit executives, and other decision makers impacted by your submission.

When will the evaluation be complete? Will I get updates?
Evaluations of complex submissions (patents, software, etc.) may take up to 60 days from their receipt to completion. You will receive Vegas's decision at the completion of the evaluation. There are no updates during the evaluation unless the reviewing organzation requests additional and/or clarifying information. You will then be contacted by the advisor or the requesting organization.

Evaluation Results

Can I demonstrate my product, solution or prototype to Vegas?
Following an initial favorable review, we will often arrange a meeting or ask for additional information in order to secure a more detailed understanding of your submission.

Is it true that my submission, no matter how creative and innovative, may be rejected?
Although each submission is appropriately considered, we pursue only a very small percentage of them. Given finite resources and considering our strengths, weaknesses, and business models, many products are not deemed to be a good fit for Vegas. This does not imply any criticism of the idea, product or proposal, but merely indicates that they are not appropriate for Vegas at this time.

If you reject my idea or proposal, do I have any recourse?
Decisions of 'no interest' are final and will not be revisited. The external submission advisor will promptly notify you where Vegas is interested, but we will not give the reasons for our decision or reveal similar Vegas activities.

Submission Security

Is my transaction secure?
Yes. For more information about Vegas's privacy policies please visit:

How can I protect my intellectual property?
Vegas realizes that misunderstandings can readily occur in this area, so it is important for you to protect your intellectual property rights. This responsibility is yours and not Vegas's. If you have any concerns or questions on this issue, please do not send your submission to Vegas and consult with your lawyer or legal advisor.

Can you explain the legal ramifications of the Submission Agreement?
Questions related to the meaning or legal implications of the submission and Submission Agreement should be discussed with your attorney or legal advisor.

About Confidentiality

Does Vegas external submisssions consider confidential material?
All unsolicited external submissions set to Vegas must be non-confidential. We will not consider submissions containing restrictive wording such as confidential, proprietary or secrect. We will only consider submissions that impose no obligation on Vegas. It is the submitter's responsiblity to protect any proprietary rights before disclosing anything to Vegas. Please be sure to include enough non-confidential information to allow us to do an adequate review. Submissions received without sufficient information or those that contain confidential markings will be rejected.

Will Vegas sign a nondisclosure agreement? Why not?
Vegas will not sign a nondisclosure agreement until there is an expressed interest on the part of the evaluating business unit and the business unit deems the nondisclosure agreement is the appropriate next step. There are a number of reasons for our position, including the fact that Vegas may already be working in an area covered by your material, or we may have received similar material from others. In any case, we do not wish to be placed in a position which might result in a misunderstanding regarding the right of Vegas to make, procure and/or market simliar products now or in the future.

Does Vegas have any obligation to me if I send you a submission?
Vegas does not accept responsibility for your submission, and there is not confidential relationship between you and Vegas. We do keep a record of your submission and, if your idea or proposal is not used, your records will be deleted in accordance with our standard records retention procedures. We take appropriate precautions to prevent the loss of your submission and its contents, but we are not responsible for their inadvertent loss.

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¹ $6,347,910,000 annual strip gaming revenue - Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Research Center. "2015 Las Vegas Year-To-Date Executive Summary", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT). 2015 · Cached .pdf (37KB) "Compiled and distributed by the LVCVA Research Center, the monthly LVCVA Executive Summary reflects tourism data from several agencies including the LVCA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT)." - Source: LVCVA Research Center. "LVCVA Executive Summary of Monthly Sourthern Nevada Tourism Indicators", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT) Retrieved November 15, 2016.

Established in 1989, C-Byte has been on the leading edge of business critical computing, building information technology solutions that meet the toughest requirements of the world's most powerful and complex organizations. Source: "Our Expertise - New Vegas Initiative - C-Byte™", Project: Vegas Brand, C-Byte Company, Inc., 2009. We incorporate that experience into Vegas by leveraging the expertise and best practices of our people.

"Vegas™ with over 250,000 users and thousands of rooms available every day! Vegas is a great vehicle for corporate visibility to entertainment companies." - Source: "Our Online Economy - Audience - Advertise - Events - Management - Vegas™", Project: Vegas Brand, Vegas License International LLC, 2014 - "Access from movie & music producers account for about 1% of total requests. Over 250,000 people currently subscribe to receive articles by electronic mail."

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