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Intellectual Property Licensing

Celebrity and Casino-Hotel Relations

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Open New Revenue Opportunities with VEGAS Intellectual Property

Vegas focuses on direct and operator-leveraged licensing to celebrity events and mega casino-hotel resorts, working alongside best-of-breed partners such as HP, Intel, Oracle, ID Quantique, ONReady, Wowza Media Systems, Adobe and C-Byte.

We Can Help Your Business

Vegas's vast collection of intellectual property can increase your ability to operate, to grow your business, make it more efficient or launch new products. Working with Vegas's IP means much more than licensing trademarks. Work directly with members of Vegas's team of developers and technologists who built one of the world's best IP portfolios (Vegas Brand Rated 2nd in the United States by New York design agency Landor Associates 2007, Vegas Brand Rated 8th in The World by Saffron Brand Consultants 2014).² This broad collaboration creates a diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds and expertise that enables profound new solutions. Helping solve problems is one of the many ways Vegas continues to generate innovation that matters for our company and the world.

Vegas know-how, along with IP assets, skills, and infrastructure, reaches into nearly every industry and every discipline of technology.

Proposal Management Portal

Welcome to the External Submissions Proposal Management Portal

To facilitate the review of business proposals and copyright permission requests, Vegas has established a dedicated team to manage the evaluation of offers and proposals that are externally submitted.

When Vegas receives your on-line submission, our team will act as your single point of contact from receipt to communication of Vegas's decision to you. The scope of our review is across Vegas, so that submissions receive consideration by the most appropriate Vegas reviewers in the shortest possible time.

Industry Collaboration

Vegas extends worldwide into Animation, Apparel and Fashion, Innovative Art and Design, Automotive, Brands and Trademarks, Promotional Characters, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Interactive Video Games, Sports and Outdoor Recreation, Publishing and Printing, and Professional Services to the Licensing Industry.

Click the button below to enter the Proposal Management Portal and submit your proposal to us.

Please note that all communications to Vegas are on a non-confidential basis.

Thank-you for your interest in Vegas

¹ $6,347,910,000 annual strip gaming revenue - Source: Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Research Center. "2015 Las Vegas Year-To-Date Executive Summary", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT). 2015 · Cached .pdf (37KB) "Compiled and distributed by the LVCVA Research Center, the monthly LVCVA Executive Summary reflects tourism data from several agencies including the LVCA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT)." - Source: LVCVA Research Center. "LVCVA Executive Summary of Monthly Sourthern Nevada Tourism Indicators", Visitor Statistics, LVCVA, McCarran International Airport, the Nevada Gaming Control Board & the NV Dept. of Transportation (NDOT) Retrieved November 15, 2016.

Established in 1989, C-Byte has been on the leading edge of business critical computing, building information technology solutions that meet the toughest requirements of the world's most powerful and complex organizations. Source: "Our Expertise - New Vegas Initiative - C-Byte™", Project: Vegas Brand, C-Byte Company, Inc., 2009. We incorporate that experience into Vegas by leveraging the expertise and best practices of our people.

"Vegas™ with over 250,000 users and thousands of rooms available every day! Vegas is a great vehicle for corporate visibility to entertainment companies." - Source: "Our Online Economy - Audience - Advertise - Events - Management - Vegas™", Project: Vegas Brand, Vegas License International LLC, 2014 - "Access from movie & music producers account for about 1% of total requests. Over 250,000 people currently subscribe to receive articles by electronic mail."

² Vegas Brand Rated 2nd in the United States by New York design agency, Landor Associates (2007). The internet served up the biggest winners among US brands last year - Source: Clark, Andrew. "Las Vegas is hot but Google is hotter" theguardian, Web, 5 January 2007 - Las Vegas, which is enjoying a tourism renaissance under the slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", slotted into second place.

Vegas Brand Rated 8th in The World by Saffron Brand Consultants (2014), "Here's a breakdown of how the list was compiled" · Total Strength Out of 20 - Source: Michael, Chris and Sedghi, Ami. "The world cities with the most powerful brands - get the data", theguardian, Web 6 May 2014 - "To establish our list of the worlds most powerful city brands, we asked Saffron, a brand consultancy that prides itself on its expertise in urban branding, to update its 2008 study of European cities into an assessment of 57 major cities around the world." · Total: Vegas 15.2 - Source: Michael, Chris "From Milan to Mecca: the world's most powerful city brands revealed" theguardian Web, 6 May 2014 - "The inaugural Guardian Cities brand barometer ranks world cities on everything from transport and weather to crime and social 'buzz' ..." · Vegas tied for 8th Position Worldwide 2014.

Vegas Rated 8th in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration in Total Passenger Boarding (2016). - Source: "National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)", Federal Aviation Administration, United States Department of Transportation, Web 21 October 2016 - "North America's airports remain one of the busiest in the world, with several airports ranking amoung the world's top 20 airports for passengers and for cargo." - Source: "Airport Traffic Reports", Airports Council International - North America, 26 October 2017. - "Airports in North America also handle more aircraft movements than any other region worldwide."

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